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In-Stock Bows


The Sasquatch Series

The Sasquatch TD hybrid long bows are offered in 58",60", & 62" length, and are built for draw lengths from 24" clear to 32". This line has proven to be the most popular bows that i have built to date. The smooth drawing feel to this bow is very attractive to many archers, but it's the hard hitting, shoot where you point accuracy that I hear about most.

Please click on photo links below to see images.

Hybrid LB

Hybrid LB

Hybrid LB

Hybrid LB

The Sasquatch SS Series

The 3 PC TD Sasquatch SS Recurve is offered in 56" to 64" lengths with 2 limb options of "Medium or Long limbs". There are 3 different riser design options too. Please check out the Riser design section below. This limb design is exceptionally smooth drawing, very stable, & high performance.





The Sasquatch SS - ILF

The Sasquatch SS - ILF riser is made from a G-10 Garolite frame. This material is stronger than steel, and gives you zero flex to the riser. These are offered in 17", 19", & 21" riser lengths.

Don't let this slender looking wood scaled riser fool you. These have very nice mass weight to them. The 17" riser weighs right at 2#'s, the 19"= 2.5#, & the 21" riser is almost 3#'s.

The SS - ILF static tip recuve limbs are offered in "Short" ,"Medium" & "Long" lengths. For those of you not familiar with ILF limbs these are 23",24", & 25" limbs. So a 17" riser, with short limbs is going to give you a 58" bow length. and a 21" riser with long limbs will give you a 66" bow length. And all the other combinations between.

For those who really like the looks of the SS - ILF riser, but do not want to deal with the adjustments and extra hardware that comes with the ILF style riser. I offer The Sasquatch SS Special This riser has the same mass weight as the ILF riser specs above, but the limbs are a std. bolt down configuation, requiring no adjustments.

Please click on the small photos below for more images.

Sasquatch SS - ILF

Sasquatch SS Special

The Flatliner Series

The "Flatliner 1 piece long bow" is offered in 62" to 66" lengths and 2 models. These bows are very light in mass weight, and the limbs were designed with silent hunting in mind. They are very quiet, with zero hand shock, and the performance on these are amazing. There are options for different grip shapes. Please refer to the " Grip Options" by clicking on the small photos below. .

The second model is called "The Stealth".These 1 pc long bow risers and grips have a more traditional sleek shape, and have a V-notch shelf & sight window. The top belly ramp glass comes clear down to the shelf.These also come in 62" to 66"lengths.

The 3rd bow design in this series is a "3 pc TD Flatliner" These have the same limb design as the one piece and there are 3 different riser designs to choose from on the take down model. Please look in the "Riser Design" section below to choose the grip you like. These are custom bows, so you can have any grip shape you like on these one peice bows, or TD long bows.

Please click on photos below to see more images.

1 piece
Grip options

Stealth 1 Pc

TD Flatliner

3 Pc TD

The Obsidian Series

The Obsidian"long bow is offered in 64"- 66"- 68" lengths, and comes stock with a leather grip. They have the same tried and true limb design as my "Flatliner" model. The long lean riser has a "G-10 I-Beam" and the grip shape is lower with a locator style. The overlays are obsidian arrow heads

Big Foot "Bare" Hybrid

Introducing after-market long bow limbs for the Bear take down bows. This limb is designed very close to my Sasquatch hybrid limb and delivers very high performance with a smooth stable draw to it. The "Bare" SS recurve limbs are avilable too. (CLick on the photos below for more pictures)


"Bare" Recurve

The Bare Foot Riser is offered in "A" =15.5", A+ =17.5", "B"= 19.5", & "B+"= 21.5" length. This unique riser design will accept stock TD Bear limbs, and it has no flip latch hardware at all. This allows you to easily slip your limbs in place with no flipl-latch hardware, But adds the ability to adjust yotr tiller with the riser bolts. Once these are bolts are set, there are no tools necessary to remove the limbs or put the bow back together. Please click on photo below for details.

Bare Foot Riser

Riser Design Options*

There are 3 different riser styles to choose from on all of my take down bows. The first one is called The "Full Overlay" model. This is a take down bow that looks very much like a one peice bow, with full overlays matching the limb butts wrapping around the back of the riser creating a flush limb pocket.The Full overlay risers all have a radius back shape to them.(See photo below.)

The second style i call a "Flair Back" This riser has an "S" shape to the back of the riser.The 10 riser photo above are all "Flair Back"design.

The 3rd style is a "Radius Back" This style has a rounded shape to the back of the riser.

Click on small images below to see more riser design photos

Full Overlay Riser

Flair Back riser

Radius Back Riser

"Footing" Options*

There are also two different "Footing styles". The footing in a riser are shaped accent lines most commanly seen with 2 different different contrasting woods.But a riser can be "Footed" with just accent lines and one wood choice too.

The "Flair Footing" has the same "S" shape as the Flair back riser, only in the center of the riser.

The "Radius Footing" has a rounded shape to the accent lines, or radius shaped accent lines in the center of the riser.The large photo below is Myrtle wood "flair Back" shaped riser, with a radius footing using black accent lines.

Please click on the photos below to see large images

Flair Footing

Radius Footing

Straight Accent riser

The Base price riser design has "Straight Accent" lines-one wood like this one above. This one has the "Mosaic" accent lines option*

The "I-beam" Option*

What is an "I-beam"? The "I-Beam" is typically a piece of material 1/4" or 3/8" thick used in building the riser. This lamination is running from the belly to back direction in the center of the riser.The riser block is laminated together like a sandwich. In some cases thinner materials are used.Using an I-beam for strength in a footed riser, it can be offset so it's hidden & doesnt show in the sight window.

These photos shown of the riser lay up, the I-beam material is G-10 Garolite FR4.This G-10 is seriously strong.It is a fiberglass/epoxy base composite that has a 40,000# PSI tensile strength, and 60,000# PSI in compresion.

The I-beam construction adds a tremendious amount of strength to the riser,and eliminates any riser flex, but it can be used for just looks as well. Another very desirable factor using G-10 in a riser is the extra mass weight it adds.

This type of reinforcement can be used with one wood choice, or used with any footings or straight accent riser as well.

"Wood I-beam"

Please click on the photos below to see more I-beam images

G-10 I-beam

Wood I-beam

Straight accents

"Belly Ramp Caps" Option*

I think the best way to discribe what the belly ramp caps are is with a labeled photo. You can review all the othe riser discriptions as well.

Belly ramp caps are just decorative overlays that can either be contrasting, or the same wood as the riser to cover up the I-beam.

Belly Ramp Caps

Limb Mount Options*

The limbs are mounted on the take down riser using a 5/16 limb bolt with a choice of 3 different mounting styles. The "Bezel washer", which is the industry standard bolt and washer. This type mount comes stock on all my base price TD bows, but can also be used on a full overlay limb mount option like the photo below. They come in either Brass or Black anodized aluminum.

The second limb mount style is a "flush limb bolt overlay" These are limb butt overlays that have the bolt counter sunk into them making them flush with the limb.

The 3rd option is called a "blind limb mount", The limb bolt is hidden inside the riser and you use an allen wrench through a small hole in the belly side to remove the limbs. Please look at the photos below to see the different limb mount styles.

Flush limb bolt overlay

Blind Limb Mount

Note: The pricing for different options* listed above can be found on the order page.

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