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Big Foot Bow Order

Thank you for your interest in having a custom bow built.

I typically have a minimum 6 month wait time on custom bow orders. But that changes with my order volume, and will be determined at the time you place your order deposit.

Having a custom bow built requires picking out your riser wood choice as soon as possible. Many exotic hardwoods are getting harder to find, and I may, or may not have them in stock. Some exotic hardwood choices are subject to an up charge, and may require an increase in your deposit.

Once I have you on my build schedule, I can spend much more time going over fine details of your order and up-grade options. I may have recommendations I can share with you that will help make decisions on wood types and options you may want. (Please see the price lists below)

A $300 non-refundable deposit is required for all bow orders. This deposit amount is based on any of my base price bows. In cases where a number of upgrades options are chosen, or a premium exotic wood choice, the deposit amount will be based on 50% of the total cost of your order.

Payment options are PayPal, credit card, or postal money order. Using PayPal, you do not need a PayPal account and can pay with your debit or credit card as a PayPal guest. Or I can send you an invoice via email.

To send money via PayPal, click the "Buy Now" button below and sellect the dollar amount you wish to send from the drop down menu.Custom bow deposit is $300, riser only= $250.00, and limb orders select $200.00.

Placing your order

To place and order, please send an email with your name, shipping address, & phone number,type of bow, and any options you are interested in. Please include any questions related to your order. After your deposit has been made, I will then transfer all your info to a work order form, and send you a copy for your review and approval.

Note* All bow orders are dated when deposits are made, and do not go on the waiting list until a work order has been created.

Contact Info

Kirk Lavender
25729 S. Eldorado Road
Mulino Oregon 97042


Bows Price List

The base priceon all bows includes one in stock wood choice, with a "Straight accent riser", and a choice of black or brown glass.

Sasquatch series 3 pc. take-downbows - base price = $750.00.

Sasquatch ILF - Riser only = $650.00
Choice of in stock hardwoods. Up charges may apply to special order exotic woods.

Sasquatch ILF Limbs = $500 black or Brown glass, Clear glass over veneers $600
These are available in Long, Medium, or Short lengths.

The Sasquatch SS Special - Base price = $950.00

Flatliner Series TD long bows - Base price = $750.00

Flatliner 1 piece Long Bow - Base price = $695

Obsidian TD Long Bow - Base price = $750.00.
These long bows come stock with or without a leather grip, and your choice of a "Straight", "Dish", or "Locator" grip shape. custom grip shapes are not offered on this model.

Bare Foot Riser - Base price $600.00
(*see options for footings and belly ramp caps)
The base price riser is built from a high density composit of laminated birch called "ChromaPly" and offered in 4 colors: True Black, Charcoal, Dark brown, and Rosewood, or * a combination of these colors using footings.This high density laminate is made in the USA and is far superior to any action wood ive ever used. The laminations on this HD product are very thin, making the apperance of natural wood more realistic, and it's much stronger than any exotic hardwoods, and has excellent mass weight.

Big Foot "Bare" Hybrid Long Bow Limbs - Base price = $500.00
Base price includes choice of Black, Brown, or Green glass.
Custum orders will be considered, & price is subjet to options chosen. These are available in #2 & #3 lengths only.

Big Foot "Bare" Recurve Limbs - Base price = $500.00
Base price includes choice of Black, Brown, or Green glass.
Custum orders will be considered, & price is subjet to options chosen. These are available in #2 & #3 lengths only.

In-Stock Bows

Riser Design, & other Options

Footed Risers = $75.00

Full Overlay Riser , with flush limb pockets. = $150.00

G-10 I-beam = $75.00

Wood I-beam = $50.00

Belly Ramp Caps = $75.00

Overlays on "Flair Back" riser = $75.00

Clear Glass on limbs over veneers = $100.00

Extra Limbs = $350 at the time of the build, black or brown glass. $450 = clear glass over veneers.

Exrta limbs Retro fit after bow is completed = $450 Black glass, $550 for veneers under clear glass.

Carbon core = single X = $100.00, Double XX = $200.00

Horn or Antler overlays = $100 riser and limb tips. Tips only = $50.00

Mosaic Accents = $50.00 for staight accents. $80.00 for belly ramps and footing lines.

Blind limb Mounts = $100.00

Flush limb bolts w/Phenolic overlay = $75.00

Limb butt overlays = $50.00

Stabilizer bushing = $40.00

Quiver Bushings = $50.00

Custom Grip = $75.00

Leather Grip = $75.00
Note: The leather grip option is subject to the grip shape. I will not install leather on custom grips with a substantial thumb legde.

Premium Exotic Woods Macassr Ebony = $100, Ziricote = $100, Bocote = $50.00.
The prices of different exotic woods are based on avalability, and stock on hand.Some special order hardwoods can be very expensive and subject to drying time due to moisture content. This can effect your wait time.


All original Big Foot bow orders carry a two year replacement warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for the original owner only, and is subject to normal use and storing conditions.
Neither seller nor manufacturer shall be liable for any injury, loss or damage arising from the use or operation of any Big Foot bow. All risk of injury and liabilities in the use of any Big Foot bow is assumed by the user.
Note* . All custom bow orders are considered contracts. If you change your mind for any reason prior to the build time , during the build, or after completion, you forfeit your whole deposit. I do not issue refunds. Our warranty is for defects in materials & workmanship only. Big Foot bows reserves the right to determine whether it can be repaired or replaced. We do not issue refunds for custom bows.

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